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Hackers' Toll
Goes Beyond
Financial Harm

I wrote about the toll hackers and cyber criminals take on end-users four years ago and think the topic deserves a refresh given the ramped up attacks since then. Continue

Protect Your
Network With
Perimeter Security

FlexITechs has added perimeter network security products and services that stop attacks, viruses and spam before they hit your network and provide enforcement of Acceptable Use Policies.


End-User IT Security

End-User IT Security:

Protect your SMB from
Social Engineering attacks with
Security Awareness training

Strengthen your last line of defense -- your employees -- with social engineering training that protects your small business from hackers and assures your customers and vendors that you take their data's security seriously, too.




FlexIT End-User Protection
Mobilize your workforce with the same monitored security solution your end-users have in the office at any location, any time.



FlexIT Email Security

FlexIT Email Security
Address the anti-spam, email archiving and recovery, and email encryption needs of your small business.

FlexIT Secure Backups

Managed Backup Services

FlexIT Backup Services
Protect your company's data with automated, monitored and tested backups that will work when you need them.

Sophos Cloud

FlexIT Managed IT Services


Free Reports:
Must Know
Reports About
IT Security

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We Helped Rehoboth Bay Realty ... We Can Help You

“Several years ago we found ourselves in desperate need of a new IT Consulting company. Here in Sussex County Delaware it was hard to know where to turn for the help we needed for our Real Estate firm. Eric Magill of FlexITechs gentle sales approach helped us to see that we needed to re-do our systems now rather than later. The process was extremely fast and easy, and cost effective. Eric was able to handle any request I had and took the time to explain technical details in a way that I could understand and implement. As almost 100% of our business involves our computer needs, it was important to make it simple to understand, easy to navigate and afford. Eric Magill of FlexITechs had it all! Thanks again Eric for all your help in this effort.”
T.J. Redefer, Rehoboth Bay Realty Co.


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